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Real Estate along 30A, and in Panama City Beach, Destin

Most of our vacation rental properties in Panama City Beach, 30A and Destin started with a dream.  Many of our homeowners bought their rental home or condo with the dream to own a slice of paradise, have a getaway retreat from their busy lives, yet subsidize their ownership costs by generating rental revenue by hiring a professional vacation rental management company like Blue Swell. 

Since the Northwest Florida real estate market hit rock bottom in 2012, depending on their personal usage, our owner clients cover their ownership expenses and often see positive cashflow.  Over the last 8 years, we have seen consistent and healthy appreciation as the market continues to steadily rise. Demand has been at an all-time high and Panama City Beach, 30A and Destin real estate consistently see 5-10% valuation increases per year on their real estate investments.  

Vacation Rental Ownership is a Great Investment

Imagine having a luxury vacation rental home or condo on 30A, generating enough income to cover your annual ownership expenses, having something you can use personally for family vacations so you don't have to pay someone else to vacation.  Then imagine holding the property for 5 years, covering your ownership expenses along the way and selling it for a handsome profit filling your checking account with a cash surplus you can use for additional wealth creation.  

Let's run through some math: 

Example purchase price: $650,000
Estimated down payment: $130,000
Estimated mo payment (principle, interest, insurance and tax): $3,500/mo
Estimated HOA payment: $250/mo
Estimated Utilities: $400/mo

Estimated TOTAL monthly outflow: $4,150
Estimated TOTAL annual outflow: $49,800

Estimated annual rent revenue on a home in that valuation: Approximatley $60,000-65,000, depending on the property, less management and operating fees. 

As you can see, in this example, you can mostly cover all ownership costs, STILL have personal usage (read: you don't have to pay someone else to stay in their vacation rental) and little or no cost, AND you earn all the appreciation. 

Of course, there are variables - you should buy the best home, in the best location, that is the newest that you can afford in your budget.  Additionally, by using a professional vacation rental management company like Blue Swell, we can help you determine if something will generate the income you need to make the math work for you. 

We Can Help You Buy your Dream Home

Blue Swell Rentals and Real Estate is a licensed real estate brokerage in both Florida and Utah.  Their broker, Jason Koertge, will be happy to personally help you find your dream second or third home and help you fully evaluate your purchase to ensure it helps you realize all your goals. In real estate for 16 years and vacation rental management for 10 years, he knows what makes a great buy and what doesn't.  Jason offers personalized service and a depth of knowledge in the local markets that no other local agent can provide. 

Click the link below to fill out the form as to what you're interested in and Jason will start his personalized search for you. 

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