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21 May 2019
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Beach Activities

Experience the beauty of northwestern Florida with a 30A Florida horseback riding tour. Walking along the pristine beaches of the Gulf of Mexico with your own feet is one thing; now imagine taking in the beautiful scenery atop a majestic, temperate horse. There are many breathtaking places to go horseback riding in Florida's 30A region, and it's a great activity for the whole family!

All Experiences/Ages

Don’t fret if you’ve never been on a horse before! Anyone from experienced riders to first-timers can hop on a horse at Arnett’s Gulfside Trail Rides, the most popular touring company for 30A Florida horseback riding tours.


Owner Karen Arnett opened up her stables to the public five years ago. Located at 613 S County Hwy 393 in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, she now has 34 horses and an experienced staff of trail-guides to help you get the absolute best experience out of horseback riding in Florida. Tours for 1-12 people are offered, so group sizes of all are welcome.

Trail Riding

You’ll be able to ride through nearly 14,000 acres of state forest while riding at Arnett’s. There is plenty of riding to fill up your day! Explore the unique ecosystems and beaches of 30A like our forefathers did. Much of the land isn’t accessible by foot either, so this could be your only chance to trudge through the watery marshlands. Take multiple trips to discover all the best places to go horseback riding in Florida's 30A!

Well-Trained Horses

The horses at Arnett’s are routinely reviewed as “well-trained.” This is good news to those who may be nervous about getting bucked off their horse. The horses will take the trail at whatever pace you desire. In addition, this is area that the horses have traversed for years – don’t worry about getting lost in the forest!

Much of the credit for the training of the horses goes to the staff of Arnett’s. Jackie Fisher, a trail guide and barn manager, has been around horses her whole life. Another guide, Michael Wilson, got into horses while serving in the Army. He learned the challenging task of running groups of horses together for funerals at Arlington Cemetery and other events.

Mike emphasizes horsemanship and respecting the animal that is providing your transportation. His mantra of being “one with the horse” is vital to the rider having a good time. It’s no wonder that Mike has no trouble getting a horse acquainted with a six-year old boy!

Event Center & Western Shop

In addition to the horse riding at the ranch, Arnett’s also has an event center, “The Tack Room,” and a Western shop, “The Boot Shop.” Both can provide much-needed reprieve from a long day out in the sun and on the trails.

When you're done with horseback riding in Florida's beautiful 30A region, head back to your well-appointed Blue Swell vacation rental home to relax. We have homes all across 30A, so you're guaranteed to be nearby all the activities you wish to take part in. Book today!