30A Brewery Tours

Different types of beers poured from the tap at a brewery

There are few better places in the world to enjoy a drink with a view than in South Walton County. As the blowup of breweries across the United States continues, the trend hasn’t skipped out on northwestern Florida. Touring local breweries has fast become one of the most popular things to do on 30A. You can be assured that you’ll find tasty pub food with a cold brew wherever you stay along Highway 30A. Be sure to check out these four 30A brewery standouts, all making their own delicious beers on-site.

Grayton Beer Company – 217 Serenoa Rd, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

It’d be impossible to make any list of Florida breweries without including Grayton Beer Company. Founded in 2006, this family-owned 30A brewery now has distribution nationwide with its most popular beer, the 30A Beach Blonde Ale. What better beer to enjoy on the beach while you’re in 30A than its namesake? It has been impressive to witness their ascent over just ten years. Be sure to check out their sprawling taproom; you absolutely HAVE to add this tour to your list of things to do on 30A vacation.

Idyll Hounds Brewing Company – 845 Serenoa Rd, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Idyll Hounds doesn’t try to be anything they’re not and that’s why they succeed being a small brewery. They’re comfortable with the beer they make, and are confident you’ll feel similarly. They offer on-site brewed beer of all different tastes and ABVs. Buddy’s Seafood from next door will often come over to serve the hungry with their phenomenal oysters. The Divide & Conch’r Imperial IPA at Idyll Hounds is a must try for the hopheads.

Props Brewery & Grill – 255 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE #19, Fort Walton Beach, FL

The Blonde Bomber, Rye of the Tiger, Lucky O’Neill Lager, and Flying Coffin IPA are just a few of the uniquely dubbed brews you can find at Props. You won’t be disappointed in any of them. The Flying Coffin, with its rich golden red color and Zythos hops zest, is a favorite amongst their “Flag Ship Ales.”

McGuire’s Irish Pub – 33 US-98, Destin, FL

A bit smaller and offering more of a pub atmosphere than the previous three breweries, McGuire’s still takes pride in brewing all of its ales on-site. They don’t try and get fancy with the names of their beers, instead relying on the taste buds of their customers to decide on their own name. The Paradise Pale Ale is a current favorite – and a rare naming exception – that provides a perfect light drink companion after a long day on the beach.

A visit to any of these fine 30A breweries is sure to be a great addition to your vacation. Learn more about the things to do 30A offers by browsing our site, and don’t forget to book your luxurious Blue Swell vacation home for your trip!